That’s a Nice Site: Every Last Drop

To keep you all hooked, I thought I’d introduce a mini-series looking at my favourite websites on a fairly regular basis. I thought I was keen on investigating the world of digital design whilst I was at uni, but that has gone completely through the roof since I’ve been a full time digital designer.

As a result, I’ve been coming across more and more brilliant design, and I’d really like to share some of that with you.

So to kick things off, this week, I’d like to introduce a website created to show people how much water is used, raising awareness of how much we waste and therefore considering the effects of our water usage when there are countries around the world who don’t have access to clean water whatsoever. Every Last Drop is a parallax website (more on those soon), which means it scrolls continually and animates as you do so. It’s a really engaging way of getting information across and is a strong trend developing in the world of web design.

The story kicks off with this chappy sleeping!

The story kicks off with this chappy sleeping!

As we progress through the website, we see a fairly standard daily routine appearing, with information on how much water is consumed in various different ways. Some of the statistics are really quite shocking, but the website’s engaging aesthetic and user interface encourage us to really take it on board, and even create a desire to share it with friends to drive a rise in awareness.



You can visit Every Last Drop by searching for it on Google or clicking right here to check it out yourself!

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