New Year News!

I haven’t blogged for a while, which is fairly shocking. But things have changed fairly dramatically since I last wrote on here. In November I started my new role as UX Designer at the BBC, something that totally took me by surprise. Just over a month in, I’m feeling as though I’m settling into my role and am enjoying it hugely. Once again I’m fortunate to be able to learn new skills and different ways of working, which is great. I’m travelling to Salford each day to work at MediaCityUK (the BBC’s big base in the North) and I’ve adjusted well to the journey, which takes roughly 1 hour each way from where I am based.

Elsewhere, you’ll notice that the website has had a makeover. This is partly due to a server change, but thought it a good opportunity to send Yummy Custard responsive (something it had been sorely lacking) and I’m pretty pleased with the results! There might be a few glitches and bugs cropping up here and there whilst everything settles in, but I think you’ll agree that it’s now a far more pleasant experience on mobile and tablet.

Hoping to blog more regularly so please, if it’s looking a bit dead over here, please do give me a nudge on Twitter.

Have a marvellous new year and I look forward to seeing what develops in the design world in the near future!