5 Games For Your Break

Thanks to so many different advances in technology and design, we’re seeing more and more ‘Browser Games’ appear. Browser Games are, not surprisingly, games or challenges designed for certain internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, which can be enjoyed individually or as a wider social experience. I’ve rounded up some of my favourites – go and give them a try! Preferably on your lunch break though, because you’ll end up sending your colleagues into a bit of a state thanks to their zany collection of sound effects!

1. Dot to Dot

Dot to Dot

Now it might sound obvious, but the idea with Dot to Dot, created by Pascal Van Der Haar and Nathan Gordon, is to join up the dots as quickly as possible (harder than you might think) and get through all five puzzles. It’s brilliantly designed and the characterful little sound effects add to the playful (time-wasting) experience! Give it a go here.

2. Babbit


This game, which, as you might’ve guessed, revolves around a rabbit, has been created by Hover Studio. The aim is to basically eat carrots and avoid other obstacles along the way using your keyboard controls. With neat animations and retro sound-effects, there’s more than a hint of lo-fi gaming here, but with super-polished 21st-century graphics and opportunities to share your score and annoy your followers on Twitter. There’s even a set of nifty instructions incase you can’t work out what to do! Play it here.

3. 100 Meter Scroll

100 Meter Scroll

Produced by Grey London and I Like to Play, you can probably guess what this one’s about. There’s a slightly annoying backing tune throughout, but the aim is to use your hands, avoid the computer mouse-induced cramp and exercise those fingers by scrolling faster than you’ve ever scrolled before. This can end up both amusing and tiring, depending which device you’re playing on! You can then enter your score at the end or challenge a friend. Become addicted here.

4. Cube Slam

Cube Slam

One of Google’s brilliant Chrome Experiments, you’re best giving this one a go using, not surprisingly, Google Chrome. You can enjoy this by yourself by playing with Bob the Bear, or you can play a friend, so it’s wonderfully social! It’s basically a game of air hockey, which we all know is marvellous. Fantastically modern but with a very heavy hint of retro – get a game going here.

5. Super Sync Sports

Super Sync Sports

One of my housemates introduced me to this earlier in the year and it was the first of these social browser games I had played. It can end up being fantastically irritating for both yourself and those around you if you’re unfortunate enough to become hooked, but Super Sync Sports is absolutely brilliant. Again, you need Chrome to use this properly because it’s been created as a Chrome Experiment, and the aim is to sync your smartphone with it to play. Instructions are all included so I won’t bore you, but there’s a definite feel of the Olympics circa the 80s with quirky (/annoying) music, sound effects and graphics that are just plain weird! Give it a go over here.


Whilst we’re on the topic, that Yorkshire-based broadband provider PlusNet have written an article on Graphics vs Gameplay, looking at what consumers find to be more important. I’m a ‘bit of both’ man myself; a game with amazing graphics is all well and good, but if there’s hardly anything to do, then it’s a bit pointless. Check the article out here.

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